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Das EFX – They Want EFX


Das EFX is a dynamic and influential hip-hop duo that burst onto the scene with their groundbreaking track “They Want EFX.” Comprising members Skoob and Dray, Das EFX revolutionized the rap game with their unique vocal style and infectious energy.

“They Want EFX,” released in 1992, quickly became a defining anthem of the golden era of hip-hop. The song’s catchy hook, combined with Skoob and Dray’s rapid-fire, syllable-twisting delivery, set a new standard for lyrical innovation. Their signature “iggedy bam” and “iggity biggedy” style, characterized by their quick-paced, intricate wordplay, created an entirely fresh sound that was both mesmerizing and entertaining.

The song’s impact went beyond just its sonic appeal; it showcased Das EFX’s undeniable charisma and creative approach to hip-hop. Their playful yet intricate rhymes resonated with fans and fellow artists alike, cementing their place as pioneers in the genre. “They Want EFX” not only became a hit on the charts but also served as a blueprint for aspiring emcees looking to push the boundaries of lyrical dexterity.

Das EFX’s debut album, “Dead Serious,” featuring “They Want EFX,” further solidified their status as trailblazers. The album’s success helped pave the way for a new wave of hip-hop artists who sought to experiment with language and cadence. Skoob and Dray’s ability to effortlessly weave complex wordplay into their verses showcased their mastery of the craft.

Beyond their groundbreaking sound, Das EFX’s impact on hip-hop culture extends to their fashion sense and overall aesthetic. Their unique style, characterized by colorful clothing and distinctive hairstyles, made them visual icons as well as musical innovators.

“They Want EFX” remains a timeless classic that continues to influence artists and resonate with hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide. Das EFX’s contribution to the genre is a testament to their creativity and willingness to push boundaries, forever etching their names in the annals of hip-hop history.