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Blaque – 808


“808” is a song by the American girl group Blaque, which was released in 1999 as part of their self-titled debut album, “Blaque.” The song was written by R. Kelly, who also produced it. “808” is a playful and upbeat R&B track that showcases the group’s harmonious vocals and incorporates electronic elements, particularly the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine sounds.

The lyrics of “808” talk about the excitement and anticipation of going out and dancing at a club or party. The title refers to the Roland TR-808 drum machine, which is known for its deep bass and distinctive beats that became a staple in hip-hop and electronic music. In the song, the group sings about feeling the music and letting loose on the dance floor, driven by the pulsating beats of the 808.

While “808” received generally positive reviews for its catchy and energetic vibe, it also faced some criticism due to its association with R. Kelly, who has been a controversial figure in the music industry. Despite this, the song remains a memorable part of Blaque’s discography and a representation of the late 1990s R&B and pop music scene.

Blaque, consisting of members Shamari DeVoe, Brandi Williams, and the late Natina Reed, gained popularity with their self-titled debut album and several hit singles. While they continued to release music and tour, their success was somewhat overshadowed by the changing music industry landscape. Tragically, Natina Reed passed away in 2012, and the group’s activity has since been limited.

“808” stands as one of Blaque’s most recognizable tracks, capturing the essence of late 1990s R&B and showcasing their unique vocal style and musicality.