Ya Kid K – Totally Awesome


Technotronic re-emerged in the U.S. with Ya Kid K as its front singer, again with moderate success of the album Recall. After moving back to Belgium from the U.S., she helped form a hip hop label, Fresh Beat Productions. She was part of the dance project Technotronic, which debuted with a major worldwide hit in 1989, “Pump Up The Jam”, also choreographed by Donovan The Don, although her contribution was initially uncredited. Although she wrote the lyrics and sang vocals on “Pump Up The Jam”, Technotronic had the blue-lipped fashion model Felly perform in the video.

Dir. Rich Murray in 1991 and appeared on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles motion picture soundtrack. Choreographer Donovan Henry The Doncer Hip Hop House style NYC dancers Stephen Prance Lo Corbie, Tony Mc Greoger, Joise Harris, RIP Marjory Smarth, Donovan Henry, Robin Andre & Tonga in the Ninja costume.